Every introvert knows conversation is best used in moderation.

Nonstop chatting is a marathon of the mind.

Introverts are not socially fearful or misanthropic.

We’re sponges.

Every sentence is a squeeze.

After a wild night clubbing or (more fittingly) a busy day selling, the sponge is all but dry.

The sponge must pull out and “take a break” in waters of rejuvenation.

Introverts like talking. Socializing is good for the soul.

However, unlike extroverts, it is easy for us to overdose on a good thing.

Live Alone

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Living a double life is highly underrated.

I do it and so can you.

By day you’re a gregarious corporate warrior. You embrace the boisterous with spread-eagle arms.

You’re loud and engaged.

You’re working and you’re always “on”.

By night you’re a solitary turtle tucked inside his shell.  Just catching a buzz off the cool colors of the after hours.

You’re silent and introverted.

You’re “not available” after hours.

Empty homes are heaven.

If you’re like me, (often times) you do not want to experience the intangible presence of another human being after eight hours of selling. Said roommate could be on the opposite end of the apartment with the door closed. It doesn’t matter. My spidey-sense feels their energy bleeding through the wall and it distracts me.

Live alone.

Askari, what if I cannot afford to live alone?

Live in a studio apartment.

If you’re truly introverted you would never trade your precious solitude for an extra couple hundred square feet.

Still can’t swing it? Visit a website like Airbnb.

It is possible to live in a two bedroom apartment, rent out one of the rooms for two weeks a month and basically live for free. I know people who make money on their apartments/houses and only rent them out for a part of the month.

Alternate option:  find a roommate with an opposite schedule. You work the day shift and he works the night shift.

As an introvert, solitude on demand is like water.

You gotta have it.

Get a Solitary Hobby

How does an introvert unwind and stay productive?

He fine tunes the mind, body and soul.

Personally, I enjoy weight lifting, reading, writing and meditating before or after a lively day of selling.

Feel the tension vaporize off the lower back as you rhythmically beat out dead lifts.

Plug in ear buds. Run until the chest is empty and reaching for breath. Run more.

Play soothing music and meditate. It’s not complicated. Bask in the consoling hum of a runner’s high.  Sit Indian style on the bedroom carpet. Straighten up that spine, son. Look at the wall. Stare through it’s whiteness. Bring focus to the lungs. Feel the lungs expand and collapse.

Make your mind a breezeless pond.


Treasure is buried under book covers. Read great sales books and apply what you’ve learned the following day.


Keep your mind sharp and your thoughts organized. Put them on paper (or a monitor).

I enjoy life as an introverted salesman.

Do like-wise gents,

Askari Rey