No man blossoms into Closeidon, the Greek god of sale, instantly.

All great men traveled the same elementary path to success:

  1. Learn the basics/gather information
  2. Apply knowledge
  3. Pinpoint weaknesses
  4. Focus on one weakness until fixed
  5. Move on to next weakness
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 until your are bulletproof

Enjoy this elaboration:

  1. You apply for a sales gig upon realizing that $money$ equals pleasure. A handful of blogs/ books equip you with fundamentals. Movies (Boiler Room, Glenn Garry, Glenn RossWall StreetWolf of Wall Street) supply entertainment/inspiration. Your new employer provides material and role playing sessions and you take advantage. Laying groundwork will be the shortest chapter in From Half-Pint to Fat Cat, your autobiography, and you know this because you’re a sharp man. No one pays people to prepare.
  2. Take your new know-how for a spin. Open customers. Deal with objections. Make progress. Get rejected. Play the numbers. Gain comfort. Go for the kill. Eat dirt.
  3. After several weeks of note-taking and recording sales pitches you have pinpointed your weaknesses. You talk too fast, objections agitate you and you waver come close time.
  4. For an entire two weeks (but probably more) you solely focus on speaking  slowly. Forget objections and forget closing. Words will reach your customers via turtleback and nothing else matter.  Speak at 6,000 frames per second until the motor in your mouth has grown rusty and crippled from lack of use.
  5. Move on to next weakness (overcoming objections).
  6. Repeat 5 & 6.

It’s funny. Attacking one weakness will strengthen seemingly unrelated areas of your swag factor.

Be reflective as you change. Grow skill, not ego. Small minded people will hunt for a shortcut to The Promise Land.

Real adults take baby steps.