ABPB1R / Man Covering His Ears

Belligerent customers are difficult to turn around.

When Mrs. Jones is screeching “I will skinny dip in a pond of raging magma before I do business with Lawn Pimps!” don’t waste your time.

Why haggle with losers when there are pleasant people who will benefit from your product/service?

When normal customers protest it is to everyone’s advantage that you catch a case of temporary deafness. So, Mrs. Stradt is saying “I’m not interested. I can’t afford it.” and you don’t hear shit. You have a rare disease called Salesitis. The main symptom of this disease is a mysterious clogging of the ears every time a customer says “no”.

Which is for the greater good, because “not interested” doesn’t mean “not interested”. “Not interested” means “I don’t believe I will benefit from your product or service.”

Clearing up this miscommunication is a two-step process.

  1. Go deaf
  2. Build value

Salesitis in action:

Mrs. Stradt: “I just can’t see $600 to have the lawn taken care of.”

Salesitis Victim: “I totally get where you’re coming from, Mrs. Stradt. I would have said the same thing before I became involved with Lawn Pimps. However, once you understand everything that will be going into your service and the all of the value you’re going to receive it will be clear to see that we could easily be charging $1,000 for this service and the customer would still come out the winner in the end. Now, moving forward I’m going to be in charge of your account this year and I will make sure that you receive the best lawn care this year.”

Show me a sales champ and I will show you a man who hears what he wants.