Carolla has an interesting solution to L.A.’s traffic dilemma at 3:15 of this video.

For most of my life I’ve lived in rural Illinois where waiting at a stoplight for more than 30 seconds constitutes a traffic jam. Moving to Chicago was a big adjustment. Work is 14 miles away, but my morning commute is normally 40 minutes long. Two weeks ago a construction site appeared smack-dab in the middle of the busiest intersection on my route to the office adding another ten minutes to the trip. The sheer amount of drivers on the road guarantees gridlock. Throw accidents, construction, inept drivers, broken traffic lights and bad weather into the mix and it’s game over, Johnny.

Yesterday I was driving down Cicero Avenue at a turtle’s pace when I decided that I would gladly pay five hundred dollars a year for access to premium, light traffic lanes. Easily. I would buy access to premium lanes without hesitation if the purchase came with a guarantee of significantly reducing my commute. I doubt I’m alone. Premium lanes would be a big hit for people who have a shortage of time and a surplus of income. Ten thousand dollars would buy you a year-long-pass on the ultra premium lanes where Richard Brandson and Mark Zuckerburg race each other to work as Adam Carolla discusses in video clip I linked to.

Unfortunately, I don’t think premium lanes will be available soon. Time to download section two of Pimsleur Spanish. If I have to bob and weave among the unwashed masses, I might as well learn a foreign language while I do it.