Close up of Donald Trump

The best bloggers write about hot topics from a perspective that is not present in the main stream media or even mused over inside your own head. That’s why this post from The Anonymous Conservative concerning Trumps growing popularity is great.

AC writes:

Given the danger he presents to the system, I will be surprised if he makes it to the general election. As we speak, private investigators, reporters, political operators, and probably even sworn Law Enforcement Intelligence Division personnel (as favors from their leaders to the connected individuals they want to please), are combing through his life for anything they can use, or even lie about, to take him down. Highly capable media and image strategists are strategizing to take him down at all costs. When they are ready, they will move swiftly with their pre-planned narratives and planned operations.

Select influential conservatives who they have been surveilling for years will be “encouraged” to lend operational support with articles promoting the memes they settle on, so the masses will think even Donald’s supporters are turning on him. Agents installed in Trump’s own operations will be encouraged to do things which can be used against him, or which will sabotage his operations.

Remember Presidential Candidate Herman Cain? He probably never cheated on his wife, but they found one woman who he texted at 2AM once. They then carefully rolled out five women he didn’t know in orchestrated fashion, all claiming affairs, and when he said there was no evidence, they rolled out woman number six, with a 2 AM text from Herman, and that was it for Cain. Everyone assumed Cain had affairs with all of them, the RINOs claimed that he was finished, and he was done just that fast.

ITZ coming for Trump. The question is, will he have the audience and media ability to fight their narrative.

The puppet master behind the curtain is so powerful, because he plans decades into the future. The puppet master grooms small girls to become grown women who appear on CNN to point at that one disobedient sheep who wandered away from the flock and say, “He raped me.” If false rape accusations don’t scare the unruly little animal straight, the CIA will, all of the sudden and without warning, find like 10 terabytes of child pornography on one of his external hard drives. If that doesn’t do the trick, the sheep’s loved ones will be threatened with forthcoming death. If the damn sheep still shrugs his little shoulders, maybe his car’s computer control system mysteriously malfunctions sending him off a cliff at 70 + miles per hour. The puppet master rarely has to escalate to such extremes, though. Because the puppet master can read every text and email you’ve ever written or received. He has all of your web history tucked away in case of a rainy day. The puppet master is like Santa Claus, because he knows if you’ve been bad or good. But unlike Santa Claus, the puppet master does punish you with a stocking stuffed with coal. He burns your life to ashes in front of the world.

My favorite Danger and Play podcast discusses the  futility of fighting the puppet master.

Cernovich says:

There’s nothing I can do. There’s nothing we can do. All we can try to do is get a little slice of freedom in this world. If I got too big and they had this meeting and I still fought them they would hack my car or they would kill my loved ones or they would plant stuff on my computer and there would be headlines because of course they control the media. And the headlines would say “Illegal Images Found On His Computer”. Anyone here who knows computers knows that it’s really easy to use someone else’s computer as a server for any kind of illegal images. If you kind of look at who gets caught with these illegal images often times they’re very high profile law professors who are whistle blowers. And I bet a lot of you think “Oh, that guy’s a pervert”. But is he? Or were those images faked? It’s real easy to do. Why is it that all they did was find images on his computer? They never found printed images in his house, right? Nobody suspected anything, right? But they found those images. Well, that’s just what they would do to me. They would say, “Oh, we found images, effectuated a search. Operation Vanilla Gorilla.” And they’ll bring me down. And that’s the reality, man. They’ll kill you. They’ll prosecute you for a bogus crime or they’ll frame you for a crime or they’ll threaten your loved ones [. . .]

[. . .] They haven’t killed me yet. They haven’t killed you yet. And unless we get really big, and I mean Tony Robbins big, then we don’t have anything to worry about.

Imagine if Roosh or Heartiste had an audience rivaling what Oprah was drawing back in her heyday. How different would the global zeitgeist be if next Danger and Play podcast had more views than the next big super hero blockbuster? What if it looked like Return of Kings would grow to the size of a Huffington Post? That would mean that a lot of very dangerous ideas were becoming far too popular. The puppet master can’t have any of that. Time to release the hounds.