Presidential candidate Scott Walker

Gun nut, woman hater and recent Republican candidate for the President of the United States, Scott Walker, has proven what everyone already knew — he hates love. This jerk has the gall to approve of the ban on gay Boy Scout leaders, stupidly asserting that it “protected children”. Sure. That sounds real great. He’s forgetting something, though.

There’s only one thing children need to be protected from in this country, and it’s people like you, Scott Walker. Protected from your avalanche of bigotry. What flavor is that Hatorade you’re drinking? Scronberry Lemonrage? Allow me to speak for all the Americans out there who adore people who cherish love by stating the obvious. Anyone who speaks like this is literally a domestic terrorist just waiting for his moment to strike.

Peace crushing conservatives love to remind everyone that pedophilia and homosexuality go hand and hand. They can’t stop talking about it. They go on and on about how child molestation happens far more frequently among homosexuals than among heterosexuals. Hey, right-wingers. Please allow me to respond to your little science studies for all of the caring unity-embracers in the building . . .

. . . so what?

What does that have to do with anything? How is the fact that being homosexual dramatically increases one’s likelihood of being an aids-infested boy rapist in anyway, shape or form related to the issue of allowing homosexuals to spend long, unsupervised weekends alone in the woods with several dozen vulnerable little boys? Think before you speak. Honestly, how jam packed with intolerance do you have to be to reference such jerky facts? Conservatives remind me of double-stuffed oreos except the cream is narrow-mindedness.

I don’t have a son. But if I did, I would jump at the chance to lock him in a camping tent with a homosexual child humper if I knew it would cause the clouds to swell with peace droplets and drizzle liquid tolerance on everyone’s head (which of course it would). That’s called being open-minded.

You should try it sometime, Mr. Walker.