A business man with way too many arms is performing multiple tasks at once. This is a humorous depiction of multitasking

Feed your smart phone to your dog and sell your iPad on Ebay.

There. Problem solved.

Okay. I’m being facetious. However, it is true that you will massively increase your productivity by cutting out digital distractions.

This modern world, with all of its bells and whistles, is like the Garden of Eden. Digital distractions are the forbidden fruit.

Everyone and their mom has a movie theater in their hip pocket. So many people allow that little entertainment box to sap their productive juices.

From Forbes:

Supported by research into how the brain functions, Dr Deak argues that the brain is only able to focus deeply on one task at a time. And not only that, trying to do too many things at once causes the brain to lose the capacity for deep thinking altogether.

“When you try to multitask, in the short-term it doubles the amount of time it takes to do a task and it usually at least doubles the number of mistakes,” she told the conference.

“In the long-term it changes the brain from being able to focus deeply on a single task well, to being what we call a rifle, that wants to jump around a lot.”

The brain does not have enough connections to be doing two complex tasks at the same time. Even something as seemingly innocuous as listening to music while doing homework causes students to lose focus.

The article is very insightful so go ahead and read the whole thing.

Like most people, I was a multitasker. As I wrote, Youtube was blaring in the background. I would listen to podcasts and lift weights. How much time did I waste.

As the article explains, working and listening to music is not a healthy way to get stuff done, because you are not doing two things at once. You’re turning your attention into a ping pong ball. Focus is being switched back and forth from one thing to another. And every time you switch focus you have to “reboot” your brain, start all over and prepare yourself for the new task.

Imagine how much it would suck to turn your engine off and restart the car every time came you came to a stoplight. How much time would you waste? Imagine the stress you would be putting on your engine.

Don’t take Forbes word for it. When you visit the gym leave your phone in the car and notice how much more you enjoy yourself.

Not to get all spiritual and Ekart Tolle on you, but even small, seemingly mundane, tasks can be enjoyable and engaging when given 100% of you focus.

Try it out for a few days.

What do you have to lose?