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This post is going to be a bit embarrassing to publish. Read more . . . It’s always difficult to admit weaknesses when you know people are watching.Oh well. Here goes.

I’ve been struggling with addiction for the past few months.

I’m addicted to these blogs.


Vox Day is the Renaissance man behind the highly diversified blog. Day, real name Theodore Beale, is a science fiction novelist and accomplished musician who has owned his own video game design company and publishing house. Who wouldn’t want to read the musings of such an accomplished man? He also the author of my second highly-addictive blog on the list.

Alpha Game Plan

The name is a bit strange, considering the fact that Vox Day is a self-described sigma male. Nonetheless, this blog is packed with good advice and it contains some of the best battle of the sexes commentary on the web. Day updates the blog almost daily.


Hold on to your hats. This is where the list takes a turn for the weird. Vault-co is authored by a man named Texas Arcane, who, according to himself, is bursting at the gills with neanderthal genes. Texas believes that modern people are made up of a few different species. Neanderthals (semi-autistic and highly intelligent k-select people), Cro-Magnons (highly extroverted and vicious r-select people who make up the majority of the population) and also Melon Heads (the puppet masters behind the curtain, they control everything). Texas hates Cro-Magnons. He believes they will be wiped out by an ice age anytime now and Neanderthals can live in peace once again.

The Anonymous Conservative

The Anonymous Conservative is the guy behind the r/k reproduction theory as it relates to politics. His book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans isis one of the most mindbending texts I’ve ever read.