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From the article “Gamers Who Troll Women Are Literally Losers“:

To better understand the roots of misogyny, a pair of researchers examined the gender dynamics of players interacting in Halo 3. In a study published  in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, Michael Kasumovic  and Jeffrey Kuznekoff  found that sexism in the male-dominated environment of Halo seemed to have more to do with the skill of the guys and their status within the game than with any women playing the game.

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“Men who were of lower skill were more positive towards men and more negative towards women,” Kasumovic says, remarking on the kinds of comments made towards the study’s players. “But the really neat result is that when men were of higher skill, they were much more positive to women.”

I absolutely believe this to be the truth. What man wants women present as he comes in last place?

What’s more interesting is the fact that a publication like Wired, with it’s 72% male readership, would publish content like this. Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue in a reverse situation? What would happen if Good Housekeeping published an article titled “Feminists Who Hate Men Are Literally Ugly”? The very fact that Wired feels comfortable publishing something like this speaks volumes about the differences between sexes.