If Trump is an evil person, why do his haters have to lie about him? Why not just tell the truth about who he is and watch decent people recoil in horror?

My co-workers lie about Donald Trump. It’s their favorite thing to talk about as they muffer down hunks of microwaved meat between sales calls. Funny thing about liars: they believe the lies of other liars. It may be similar to the way TV controls women:

Once they see reality through the lens of that television, they are receptive to all the crap it has to offer. Women are prone to suggestion because they can be suggestive themselves.

Texas Arcane

Ericka parked herself beside my desk and offered her iPhone. The picture displayed on the screen was of a couple hundred people standing in front of the Capitol Building.

“Only five hundred people showed up to Trump’s inauguration today.”

“You’re serious?” I asked. “Ericka, you’re too smart to believe that.”

“It’s true. Lowest turnout in history. Don’t you know everyone hates him.”

And that’s when it hit me. Maybe they’re not lying. Maybe it’s confirmation bias. Think about it. They hate Donald Trump. Their boyfriends and girlfriends hate Donald Trump. Their parents and their kid’s teachers and their coworkers and their neighbors and literally everyone they know hates His Regal Holiness. Plus, the legacy news media tells them that absolutely everyone on earth hates, hates and hates Donald Trump. So, of course, they believe that the only way such a super-hated man could win is if the Russian’s rigged the election with tricky hackery.

The best part about it is how stupid and brazen the lies are.

I was driving home from Milwaukee this afternoon when the liar on the radio said something like: “The White House is voicing complaints about what it calls inaccurate reporting in regards to the attendance numbers to President Trump’s inauguration speech yesterday. Mr. Trump and his representatives claim that attendance was not small at all. Although, Mr. Trump offers no proof for his claim.

“No proof for his claim”:


Liars like to lie a lot.