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Scott Walker Is A Rabid Homophobe

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Leftism Is A Fashion Statement

When I hear someone going on and on about how gay marriage is the most important issue of our time, I wonder if they really believe this or if they are trying to score social brownie points. I feel the same about atheists, guilty white people, feminists and all of the other hackneyed leftist characters making up this odd movie called “Western Civilization”.

Does young Christopher really believe that single mothers are the backbone of the nation or is he just trying to ingratiate himself with his English professor? Is that outspoken atheist truly bothered by Christianity or does he just think it’s cool to bash religion after watching too many Ricky Gervais interviews?¬†Also, do writers in the media give a damn about blacks or do they know that real talk will be met with punishment? I’m not sure.

If a radical feminist woke up in 1920 would she slap a pro-choice bumper sticker on her Model T or would she wash the green dye from her hair and shut her mouth? And if an outspoken atheist was forced to live in Afghanistan would he inform the Muslims that religiosity goes hand and hand with ignorance or would he burn his Richard Dawkins t – shirt and try to blend in? I wonder how warrior-like social justice warriors would be if they didn’t have an entire culture of like-minded libs cheering them on. It’s interesting to think about.

Residing on the right of the political bell curve can be like wearing a monocle these days. It’s just out of style. Trying to convince a lefy about the dangers of excessive government spending is like trying to convince them to wear a fanny pack when they go clubbing. Use all the logic you want. It won’t make difference. They don’t care that fanny packs are super convenient. And they don’t care that fanny packs free up pocket space or that sitting on a wallet puts stress on the back or any of that stuff.

The cool kids aren’t wearing fanny packs. The hottest celebs don’t believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage. Church is lame and whites are mean. CNN told them so. Poor people are geniuses and rich people are lazy. That’s what their favorite comedian said. And that’s all they need to know.

Never take leftist’s moral indignation seriously. When they say your views are outdated, they mean outdated like how bell-bottoms are outdated. That’s about how much thought has usually gone into it for them. Political beliefs are fashion statements for most leftists.

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