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Scott Walker Is A Rabid Homophobe

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Can Donald Trump Beat The Puppet Master?

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Crook County Is Run By Crooked Tax-Happy Crooks

An American citizen pours money out of his wallet into the hands of Uncle Same. This is supposed to represent excessive taxation

Yesterday I wrote a post concerning the possible 30% property tax increase to be levied on Chicago home owners. It’s important to note that this potential $200 million in state-mustered revenue will bring about virtually no positive changes to the city’s abysmal financial situation. The hole is too deep. As The Chicago Tribune reported five years ago:

The total unfunded liabilities for pensions funded by city taxpayers, meanwhile, now hover around $20 billion.

$200 million down. $19.8 billion to go. No worries though. The Department of Finance has a plan. The city will apply a 9% tax to what are being called “electronically delivered amusements”. Don’t you just love the verbiage of official government documents? The electronically delivered amusements being taxed are streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify. The tax does solely apply to individual consumers enjoying Mad Men on Netflix. The tax rules were written broadly on purpose so businesses that have nothing to do with entertainment (like realtors and attorneys) can be taxed as well. This little scheme is scheduled to go into effect September 1st. They’re calling it the “cloud tax”. How cute. The cloud tax is expected to generate $12 million. $212 million down. $19,788,000,000 to go.

I predict that Crook County will eventually tax city dwellers every time they look or talk about actual clouds.

Crook County Is At It Again

Chicago school teachers on strike

Crook County politicians cannot figure out how to pay the public school teacher pension debt, so they’re considering jacking up Chicago homeowner property taxes by 30%, the maximum increase allowed. Personally, I approve of this tax hike. Some say Chicago teachers do not deserve generous pensions, because the city yields some of the worst performing public schools in the entire nation. I disagree. Contrarians say high school is antiquated and pointless. These myopic antagonists claim that, after 14 years of public school education, students graduate high school with zero valuable skills. They say high schools are nothing more than prisons for children and propaganda factories.

Again, I disagree. High school turns young people into well-rounded adults. Without heroic high school teachers the country would exist in chaos. Ignore the annoying naysayers who like to point out that education majors have alarmingly low IQs. Someone needs to tell these people that being considerably less intelligent than the general population should not disqualify a group from receiving $200 million of property tax money.

Besides, I went to public school and last month I was smart enough to buy a rental property about half an hour outside of the city in Riverdale Illinois where my property taxes are amazingly low. See. The system works.

Greece Needs To Look At The Nation In The Mirror

A blue man, representing capitalism, is holding a bad of money and a red man, representing socialism, is putting a gun to his head.

Socialism is funny because no one learns from it’s failures, even when it brings out the worst in people.

It was the rumours of an ‘island of the blind’ which first bought Angelos, a journalist, to Greece in 2011.
He had heard that on Zakynthos, something like two per cent of the population were registered blind.
All was not quite how it seemed, however, and it transpired that 61 of the 680 ‘blind’ residents were quite happily driving around the island.
In fact, an astonishing 498 of those 680 were not blind at all – or even partially sighted.

It’s funny how many people are suddenly are hard of seeing when a pair of broken eyes equals a government check. Likewise, when frivolous lawsuits are taken seriously a lot of people suddenly get butter fingers and spill hot coffee on themselves.

That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. The whole story is worth reading, but here’s another sample.

When the government chose to take a closer look at who they were paying pensions to, they found a slightly suspicious 8,500 pensioners had surpassed the milestone age of 100.
An even closer look revealed, 40,000 pension claims were fraudulent. It seems people were forgetting to register their loved ones’ deaths.

Virtually everything in Greece that will get someone a nickle from the government is drenched in fraud. (And for an example here, Google “Medicare fraud.”)

That noise heard by the Greeks this morning was a rooster crowing. As Margaret Thatcher noted about socialism, pretty soon you run out of other peoples’ money and the Greeks ran out yesterday. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to eat the chickens coming home to roost, those chickens may be eating them . . .

We expect to see the government laying claim to all bank deposits by the end of the month.

The last sentence was made bold to stress the irony. It’s funny when people use the government to snatch other people’s money, only to have that money snatched right back by the government. Greece’s best option seems to be pressing the rewind button and starting from scratch.

Armageddon For Greece?

The skyline of a large city is burning to the ground. Flames tower over the tops of skyscrapers

I’m not well-versed in global economics. So, I don’t know if Greece is headed on a one-way trip to the dark ages. But when I read phrases like “power black-outs”, “salaries won’t be paid” and “won’t be able to import vital goods” an eerie question springs up in my mind.

What would my neighborhood look like six months after a total American economic meltdown? 

The question is eerie because I can see the answer in crisp 1080p resolution. The question is also eerie because at some point this 3,000 mile wide mountain of surplus resources called America will come crashing back down to earth. China and Japan are going to want their money back one of these days. No shopping spree lasts forever. So, what would my neck of the woods look like when the grocery stores are empty and the street lights stop working? Well, imagine your idea of a utopia. Picture your personal version of heaven on earth. Now, picture the opposite and you have a decent idea of what my “community” will be like after the collapse.

Dark figures roam blackened alleys with butcher knives and unregistered handguns. The inside of Walmart looks like an empty airplane hanger. Jewel was picked dry during a single day two months back. Pablo climbs through  Maria’s kitchen window clutching a hammer, a bandanna shielding his face. “¿Dónde está la comida?!” Maria emphatically insists she is not hording food. Pablo knows she’s lying. Her kids are still alive. They’re still fat too. Maria has food to spare or these kids have the worst glandular issues in human history.   Couches and mattresses are burnt to ash. Better to sleep on the floor than lose half your toes due to frostbite. Police disappear. 911 goes straight to voice mail. Emaciated minorities wave machetes and chase city rabbits down the sidewalk. Women are dragged into murky basements and gang raped by candle light. Pablo is recognized as king of the block after beating three of his neighbors to death. Jackie eats her dog.

I’m almost positive all of this would go down.

And that is why a man needs a countryside bunker. Someplace rural and secluded to hide your loved-ones when the sky starts falling. Water. Food. Guns. Ammo. Shelter. Five uninterrupted miles of vacant soybean fields between you and the guy next door. Enjoying quality time with the kids while people cannibalize their neighbors three counties over. When the world is breaking apart, the absolute last place you want to be is in an anonymous, urban setting. It’s crowded. No one knows their neighbors. Everyone is on welfare. Diversity and single motherhood atomizes entire communities. People are not prepared for tomorrow. Forget about six months from now. So, when the welfare checks fail to show, it is only a matter of time before a “community” turns into what Thomas Hobbs used to call a “war of all against all”. Not good times.

I wonder if Craig’s List is selling any used countryside survival bunkers on the cheap.






How Do You Not Love Donald Trump?

Close Up Picture  of Real Estate Mogul and TV Personality Donald Trump

NBCUniversal kicked business magnate, television star and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump off their network today after he made these “derogatory” remarks:

When Mexico sends it’s people, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people who have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.

I knew I liked Donald Trump after he called that miserable dyke Rosie O’Dennell a “disgusting” “slob” who talks like a truck driver and makes terrible business decisions and has a “fat, ugly face”. He also said that she’s a “loser” who is “ugly inside and out” and that he wants to sue her “because it would be fun” to “take some money out of her fatass pockets” And now here he is speaking highly unpopular truths smack dab in the middle of his presidential announcement speech. Donald Trump is a mensch.

My high school was about 30% Mexican. Jesse, one of my best friends growing up, is Mexican. Some of my fondest memories of childhood and adolescence involve Mexican people. And is there anything better than a fresh over-the-border Mexican girl who speaks just enough English to flirt with? Those submissive little blushing chicas are the definition of delicious.

That doesn’t change the facts. It doesn’t change the fact that illegals commit a whole lot of violent crime. Mexican drug cartels are pouring over the border like water through a pasta strainer.

I would love to have a good old fashioned Socratic dialogue with NBC execs and the 200,000 people who signed a petition to get Trump canned.

AR: Is it your belief that rape, murder, assault and unemployment should never be tolerated by a civilized nation?

NBC: Yes.

AR: So it must also be your belief that civilized nations must do everything in their power to stop the proliferation of rape, murder, assault and unemployment.

NBC: Why, yes. Of course.

AR: So, if it is proven that the mass deportation of illegal Mexican immigrants would significantly reduce rape, murder, assault and unemployment, it must stand to reason that you would be in favor of civilized nations kicking illegal Mexican immigrants out of the country. Correct?

NBC: Well . . uh . . . you see . . . uh . . . the thing is . . . uh . . .I . . . YOUR RACISTS!

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